Cyber Security Tools and Scripts

This page contains Cyber Security Tools and Scripts that can be downloaded that will help with managing your Cyber Security reports and Log analysis. The tools are provided "as is", with no guarantee of functionality and or purpose. While all of these tools have been created by Detect Defend or sponsors, and tested, by downloading the tool you are stating that you are taking all the risk on the tool use result.

Allows you to move old files, such as reports or log files to an archive directoy.

You need to specify both the number of days old the files should be before they are moved and the location of where you want the files moved to.

archive.bat 7 \\server2\archive

The above example would move all files greater than 7 days old to the specifed network location

Allows you to delete old files, such as reports or log files.

Allows you to create the Reports structure similar to this website.

Useful tool for creating you own Web based report structure, similar to the following report structure.

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